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Kaiju in Nature

"Kaiju in Nature Photography" was started in Colorado by Summit Kaiju International in 2015 and has since spread to locations spanning across the world under the hashtag #kaijuInNature. The underlying theme and principle of Kaiju in Nature is to celebrate our love for Kaiju while acknowledging hidden geometries (the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Ratio, cymatics and other mathematics) found throughout the very substance of the universe and within the living beings on our planet.

We seek to inspire artists to use their creative talents to combine Kaiju and photography, with the goal of raising awareness within the Kaiju community to the importance of natural conservation efforts across our planet.

Join us and the other Kaiju In Nature Photographers on Facebook in our dedicated "Kaiju In Nature Photography (自然写真の怪獣)” group. The link to the group is listed below.

Kaiju In Nature Photographers on Facebook