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Batholith the Summit Kaiju

Batholith The Summit Kaiju (Japanese: バソリス) is a mountain (kaiju) originating from "Summit Kaiju International" an American media company based in Denver, Colorado.

Batholith The Summit Kaiju's name is conceptualized from a geology term batholith which is formed when many plutons converge to form a huge expanse of granitic rock.

Batholith was first introduced to Godzilla fan during G-Fest 2017, which is an annual convention devoted to the Godzilla film franchise. Batholith The Summit Kaiju has appearing in various print media, including Famous Monsters of Filmland "Ack-Ives: Godzilla Magazine , MyKaiju Godzilla Magazine MyKaiju Godzilla Magazine , Summit Kaiju online video series and other online media related to the Godzilla and Kaiju genre.


“Yagira” is the most recent monster in the Summit Kaiju Universe, which we revealed during G-Fest 2018. The Ancestral Pueblo culture, also called Anasazi has had a kaiju spirit that's roaming the Rocky Mountains since prehistoric civilizations inhabited North America. A young Anasazil girl named Yu Li has the supernatural power to transform into the horrendous kaiju know as Yagira. Concept design sculpted by @d0pep0pe and the Yu Li illustration designed by @littlesweaters. The Legend of Summit Kaiju. © 2018 Summit Kaiju All Rights