I take a look at the excellent x-plus figure Godzilla 64. What are your thoughts on this figure?
This past weekend my dad and I were able to catch a showing of one of my favorite Godzilla movies; King Kong vs Godzilla. It was a great time at the movies.
Godzilla might be known for kaiju action but there are still some emotional moments as well. Let’s take a look at some of the best.
Godzilla returns to attack Japan but is it a return worth reading about? Lets find out
It’s the legendary King Kong vs the ferocious Anguirus. Who do you think wins this kaiju battle?
Today I look at the controller of both titanosaurus and mechagodzilla; Katsura Mufune.
I take a look at my ever growing x-plus godzilla collection
Today on monster talk I talk about some of the best things and some of the issues I have with the Heisei era of Godzilla films. Let me know what you think about this era below.
To celebrate King Kong's 85 anniversary I take a look back at the colorized version of the classic 1933 film.
To celebrate King Kong's 85 anniversary I take a look back at the colorized version of the classic 1933 film.
There are a ton of Godzilla books out there. Is the critical history of Godzilla a must own? Let’s find out.
It’s time to see who rules the skies above Japan. It’s Fire Rodan vs Battra. Who do you think would win?
The newly re-issued X-Plus Godzilla 2014 is here and he isn’t alone, he now comes with a muto head. Let’s take a look at this figure.
We always talk about the kaijus but what about the weapons we use against them? I list my favorite super weapons from the Godzilla series.
I look at one of the coolest characters in the Godzilla series, Goro Gondo from Godzilla vs Biollante.
It’s the first movie in a planned trilogy. Is it something good or should we go 20,000 years into the future and look for a new movie?
It’s the battle of the kaiju dinosaurs Titanosaurus vs Gorosaurus. Let me know who you think would win?
I take a look back at my favorite x-plus figures from 2017. What were some of your favorites?
This year my girlfriend, friends, and family gave me some really cool stuff. Take a look at some of the kaiju related presents I got. Also let me know if you got any kaiju gifts
my girlfriend and i have finished putting all the ornaments up and I thought it would be fun to go through all the Godzilla ornaments I own.
I take a look at one of my favorite kaiju, the bio monster herself Biollante.
The age of monsters has begun in Marc Cerasini's novel Godzilla 2000. Let's see if it's an age worth living in or if should avoid it.
The alien cyborg Gigan faces off against the protector of Okinawa King Caesar in the first ever Kaiju Battles. Who do you think would win?
I review the playstation 4 exclusive; City Shrouded in Shadow. It has everything from Eva Units to Godzilla but is it any good?
I take a look at this massive 30 CM Battra figure from X-Plus. Did anyone else get this reissue?
I countdown my favorite kaiju entrances from the Godzilla series.
The invasion of the astro monster continues as Ghidorah seeks revenge against godzilla and rodan.
I'm taking a trip down memory lane with the imperial Godzilla and king kong. They were my first kaiju figures. Let me know below if you had these guys growing.
Spacegodzilla has come back to earth but now finds himself in the destructive path of King Ghidorah.
I take a look at my favorite space kaiju from the godzilla series.
Jeremy Soles: awesome
I take a look at the final piece to my 30 CM Terror of Mechagodzilla line; Godzilla 1975.
I take a look at my favorite movie growing up; Godzilla vs Gigan. It might be full of stock footage but it still has that showa charm.
This Mechagodzilla was a gift from my girlfriend. It's one of the best figures I own and is based off his look from the Showa film Terror of Mechagodzilla.
I review the third book in Marc Cerasini Godzilla series; Godzilla at World's End.
On The Godzilla Files, the battle of the space monsters has started its King Ghidorah vs MechaGodzilla. Enjoy and if you want more kaiju videos subscribe to my youtube channel.
Just created my youtube page on here, hope you enjoy the videos. But now its time to finish up my book and create a new video.
Jeremy Soles: awesome