My wife is really upset that Mako isn't piloting a Jaeger (that they showed, anyway), but I love the new style they're going for. Looking more forward to this than I was expecting.
Y2K: YUKI CONQUERS THE WORLD, the second novel in the thrilling Yuki series by Raffael Coronelli, has found it's way into my hands. Can't wait to dig in!
Another favorite tee of mine, "Shin Atomic Fire Born!" by cs3inkart.
Available from multiple online retailers; give the design title a search and you're sure to find it at a reasonable price.
Jeremy Soles: Very cool
Rockin' my favorite shirt today.

Want one for yourself or that special kaiju groupie in your life? This design, "Red Lizard" by zerobriant, is available at for only $14! (This is not a sponsored ad; I just really like this shirt, I swear)
Jeremy Soles: That’s shirt is awesome!
It should be interesting to see how this site grows and develops over time. I like the idea of a specified fan zone for people like me, but I feel like the devs will have to do more than just give us "Facebook but for kaiju fans" if this is really gonna get off the ground. Regardless, I'm happy to be a part of it, no matter where this road takes us. Feel free to add me or whatever.
Jeremy Soles: There will be significant changes as time progresses
Meet Monstro Supreme. I designed him as my PC for a D&D 3.5 campaign (which didn't see the poor fellow grow passed Level 3) and liked him enough to try drawing him. Which is a thing I'm very bad at.