Mothra in a Godzilla silhouette.
Giuseppe Bianco: Thanks for sharing, Jeremy!
I take a look back at my favorite x-plus figures from 2017. What were some of your favorites?
I take a look at my favorite space kaiju from the godzilla series.
New episode of Monster Bytes that I promised yesterday!
Roehm21: That's actually pretty creepy looking. I like it!
Giuseppe Bianco: Thanks for sharing this, Jeremy.
Up close photo of the X-plus 30cm Kong from King Kong Skull Island. This photo was taken at the NYCC by Tony L Rodriguez‎.
My wife is really upset that Mako isn't piloting a Jaeger (that they showed, anyway), but I love the new style they're going for. Looking more forward to this than I was expecting.
Roehm21: Hype!!
I take a look at my favorite movie growing up; Godzilla vs Gigan. It might be full of stock footage but it still has that showa charm.
Roehm21: Great movie, one of the best 70's Godzilla films. Love the soundtrack as well.
I take a look at my favorite movie growing up; Godzilla vs Gigan. It might be full of stock footage but it still has that showa charm.
Some killer Shin Godzilla inkwork by Chungtat
Giuseppe Bianco: Amazing.
Why do they have to use so much red? I know it's Mars but come on!
X-plus revealing figures at Super Festival 75 in Japan.
This Mechagodzilla was a gift from my girlfriend. It's one of the best figures I own and is based off his look from the Showa film Terror of Mechagodzilla.
Neca announced the Terminator vs Robocop Ultimate Robocop on 7 inch scale. This figure is from the 92 Dark Horse mini series and is set for a December Release!
I'll be sharing the existence of this website on Radio Sentai Castranger on this Sunday's episode of Extra! Extra! Castranger.
The Tokusatsu Network Interviews Suit Actor, Mizuho Yoshida

Known among kaiju fans as the suit actor of the GMK Godzilla, Mizuho Yoshida took time out of his schedule at Monsterpalooza 2017 to sit and talked to us about his various roles.

Please click the "CC" button for English subtitles.
Our Editor-In-Chief had a conversation with the veteran suit actor, better known for his role as Shishiranger in Gosei Sentai Dairanger and the Millenium series Godzilla, during his participation in Power Morphicon 2016.

Click on the "CC" button for English subtitles.
This available for order. I wouldn’t wait to long to decide on buying this guy!
Biollante tree drawing I did for a series of Kaiju nature drawings I've been working on. #Biollante #Godzilla
Giuseppe Bianco: Thanks for sharing!
Here is a Kaiser Ghidorah I drew a few months ago.
Giuseppe Bianco: Thanks for sharing!
“Illumination, introduced by solar rays” -Photographed is the Toho 30 ㎝ series Sakai Yuji modeling collection Godzilla (1991).
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Felipe Sanchez: Dang that looks so good
Felipe Sanchez: I'll definitely be picking this guy up when there's a Diamond
Added colors in Photoshop to my inking that I had scanned in. Wanted to play with Fall colors.
Giuseppe Bianco: Thanks for sharing.
MachineDebaser : ❤️
On The Godzilla Files, the battle of the space monsters has started its King Ghidorah vs MechaGodzilla. Enjoy and if you want more kaiju videos subscribe to my youtube channel.
Felipe Sanchez: This is my favorite PS4 game. I just recently picked it up on PS3 to get the Platinum trophy all over again
Jeremy Soles: @felipe Sanchez I wish I had a ps4 so I could play online with you.
This figure got away from me, but I was finally able to get my hands on it, thanks to a fellow collector.
Felipe Sanchez: Very cool! It's a great piece
klen7: This figure really made me appreciate this suit a lot more, also hearing Tom Kitagawa talk about it being his favorite suit because of how easy it was to move in. Definitely noticable in the ground and pound scene with Monster X. A nice change from how stiff some of the other Millennium suits were (especially G2K and Megaguirus)
Dynamite is putting out a comic based on the 80s hit Atari 2600 game Centipede. Featuring a lone hero and a lot of really big bugs. Cover art by the incomparable Francesco Francavilla
David: What?! That's awesome!
Cosmavoid visits Heroes Club in San Francisco
Felipe Sanchez: That place looks awesome!!!
Jeremy Soles: I agree
Felipe Sanchez: That's such an awesome pic
Jeremy Soles: Thanks bud

Reservations for G-fest & the hotel are now open. Do not wait and miss out on the best Godzilla convention in the USA!
Hey, so I hope this is ok to post, it's my newest video in my Parody Unboxing series. Today its the SH MonsterArts Mothra Special Color Version! Watch as I attempt comedy!......
Also as a heads up, I do not censor myself... Just as an FYI.
rob559: Excellent picture. The 1964 suit is one of the best. I only have the SH Monsterarts version in my collection.
MachineDebaser : Man that thing is creepy lol.
Ern: yeah me too
Ern: have they even hinted when this will be available? next GFest?
Jeremy Soles: Yes the dates are set and the hotel is available!
This is so awesome and nostalgic to see! Necas packaging for the Neca Alien vs Predator arcade figures. Can't wait to see the final product!
Happy Friday! How about something gold and shiny!!
Bring on Godzilla: Monster Planet!
Ern: so the earth is overrun with monsters, has anything come out of what types of monsters? will they be totally unique or reimagined classics? (hoping NO mothra, heh)
Jeremy Soles: No monsters that I know of yet.

Shipping this week soon Neca will be releasing the 30 inch Groot figure from the amazing Guardians Of the Galaxy 2 movie!
Also the long awaited Aliens arsenal weapons pack which includes an amazing set of weapons for the 7 inch Neca Colonial Marines Figures. Be on the look out for these to arrive at your local retail store!
Giuseppe Bianco: This is huge news. I really need them to re-issue the 25 centimeter 1968 Godzilla. So hard to find without spending a fortune. I am so getting the Mothra '64 with the egg.
Jeremy Soles: I’m really looking forward to getting the 25cm Hedorah landings. I agree that this is great news for people who missed out.
Felipe Sanchez: Beautiful colors
Jeremy Soles: Thanks Felipe. The clear guts figure is pretty cool.