rob559: This pose of Shin G has a very T-Rex vibe
Roehm21: Who was the creator of this design?
Roehm21: Nice shot of Super MechaG!
Ethan H.: These figures and photos are fantastic! Where do you get the majority of your figures?
Roehm21: Awesome shot of MG2! Also I noticed to little UFO you smuggled into the background, it's a nice touch.
“Cosmic Facade” Embrace the infinite knowledge of the universe and look past the smoke and mirrors of this macrocosm. - Photographed is the X-Plus Gigantic Series Shin Godzilla.
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rob559: That is the most menacing picture of Shin Godzilla!
MachineDebaser : The video reviews of this figure are jus jaw dropping
William O'Connor: that thing looks massive
klen7: Huuuge!
Jeremy Soles: It’s a pretty good size
Roehm21: Apparently it's larger than a human infant, can you confirm? lol
Ethan H.: You wouldn't happen to have an extra one of those lying around that I could have, would you?
Roehm21: I'd love to see where you take all these pictures.
Jeremy Soles: All over Colorado
Jeremy Soles: Do you see the skull in the background?
rob559: Beautiful Shot.
Jeremy Soles: I totally agree
Sam: My favorite version!
Jeremy Soles: Same here Sam.
#Metatrons cube and the sacred geometry of the Summit Kaiju logo:

The Grand Architect’s light expands infinitely through Metatron’s cube via one or more of the elements of creation – Earth, Fire, Air, Water coming together through Spirit. Galaxy’s, solar systems, planets, humans, plants, animals, DNA, the atom, sub-atomic particles and hence the energy / space between all matter is made up of one or more of these elements.
Getting back to working on the mobile application. It will Be iOS 11 compatible.
Giuseppe Bianco: This is amazing.
Jeremy Soles: Thanks, it’s long over due.
interstevelar: what about android
Jeremy Soles: @interstevelar I will be trying to get help with that one next. I am an IOS developer. Android is a whole other laungage and ball game.
Awesome Illustration by @giuseppebianco (Kaiju_Sketches)
Giuseppe Bianco: Thanks so much!!!
Jeremy Soles: You're welcome!
Jeremy Soles: I sent you a pm on here also