Our newest Monster Bytes is ready for action!
New KMR, now with less kaiju and more henshin!
Newest KMR will be dropping later this week! It's Super Sentai time!
A massive Thai superhero from some very oddball movies.
What we have planned for Monster Bytes tomorrow.
Well here is your synopsis for Rampage....if this even interests you.
Finally our 9th anniversary video is up! Hope you enjoy it!
Here's what you can expect from our 9 year anniversary episode tomorrow.
Chaiyo strikes again! Find out more on the next Monster Bytes.
Here is some rather unfortunate news that came out yesterday. Sad to hear about his passing.
New episode of Monster Bytes that I promised yesterday!
Jeremy Soles: awesome!
Roehm21: Thank you, we appreciate it.
A little something we are working on for tomorrow.
Another new Kaiju Movie Review, don't mind that horrid red filter.
Hope you like red? We are going to Mars next week on KMR.
Getting ready to start recording a new episode of the podcast. I'll be dropping a thumbnail for it tomorrow.
The latest episode of our Monster Bytes series covering the Gamera vs. Garasharp film. Enjoy!
Why do they have to use so much red? I know it's Mars but come on!