SH Monsterarts 2014 Spitfire colorized. Hello to anybody that uses this site. Only seems like a handfull of that are active here. This could be THE place for fans. Am I missing all the activity?
New SH Monsterarts Ohrai Noriyoshi Poster Version Godzilla. The Translucent blue dorsal fins are great. As well as the nasty reddish eyes.
Bandai Rodan 1956

It's very Quiet around here :-(
Jeremy Soles: awesome picture
New Neca Godzilla 2001 Atomic Blast
Jeremy Soles: Sweet
Neca GMK digitized effect art
TheDreadedGodOfKaiju: Are you going to get the Atomic Blast GMK/2001 Godzilla and make a digitized effect picture of it?.
rob559: Just read your comment. Yes I did. Uploaded 2 pics of it.
A computer artwork of Shin G I did
Jeremy Soles: Sweet
rob559: Thanks. I have done more of these and will post them.
I just want to say hello. Looking forward to see what happens here. Been a Godzilla/Kaiju/Ultraman fan since the early 1960's
Jeremy Soles: I look forward to having you here.
rob559: Thanks, looking forward as well.