Box Day: an absolutely incredible book on the work of Shinichi Wakasa majority of focus is on Toho. A generic but nicely put together gallery of Godzilla through the years and 700+ pages of Ultraman Manga Reprints
Jeremy Soles: I need those books!
klen7: I'd highly recommend the one on the bottom left. There's better ones than the Graphic Collection, but it is hard cover which is nice
Tomorrow is the big moving day. Pray that all my X-Plus and Sofubi arrive in one piece...
Jeremy Soles: How many figures are you moving?
klen7: Over 50 X-Plus figures. I have almost all the 25cm line, all the Gamera, all the Gigantics all the sakais, a bunch of 30cm... I don't have any of the boxes save for mothras, kumongas and Ghidorah... Sofubi are even more. If you count all the Gashapon and candy toys it's 500+ figures
klen7: Actually I sold a couple Gigantics... The G62 was just too big and the G54 looks so much like the 30cm and the Banpresto I couldn't justify the space
Dynamite is putting out a comic based on the 80s hit Atari 2600 game Centipede. Featuring a lone hero and a lot of really big bugs. Cover art by the incomparable Francesco Francavilla
I watched:
Cosmavoid visits Heroes Club in San Francisco
Jeremy Soles: awesome!
rob559: Godzilla, the 70's swinger!