Finally gettin around to doing this
rob559: Impressive collection!!
MachineDebaser : Thank you good sir! Sadly some fell off the wall.
If anyone knows where I can get a Gigan 72 xplus for a good price please let me know.
Jeremy Soles: It might be hard to find right now, but I think there is a re issue comming in 2018
MachineDebaser : I did not know there was a re issue! Sweet! I’ll wait
Now did anyone realize how screwed we got on the Godzilla anime? It was supposed to be released in November. Checked Netflix now it says 2018.
Gettin my ticket for Gfest tomorrow!!!! Who’s goin?! Let’s meet up and hang!
Jeremy Soles: I’ll be there
MachineDebaser : Sweeeeeet!
rob559: I never played the game and know nothing about it. What do the monsters look like? I hope it turns out to be a good movie. We shall see....
I just can’t get into the design for the Godzilla anime movie. It just looks meh. I’ll wait till it comes out to be 100% sure I don’t like it.
David: Probably my same thoughts towards the new design. The face looks kinda odd. I still look foward to the anime Godzilla movie!
rob559: I feel it looks to much like Legendary 2014. Not distinctive enough as something new. I don't have streaming netflix, so I hope it comes out on Blu ray soon after it streams. It probably won't just to mess with me. :-)
MachineDebaser : My thoughts exactly from the both of you.
rob559: These Guys need a steel cage match ! :-)
MachineDebaser : Right?!!!! That’s what I’m sayin @rob559
rob559: Oh my! Godzilla's got his head busted wide open. Wheres the ref?
Jeremy Soles: Excellent
Just preorder Mechagodzilla 75 xplus my wallet is gonna hate me. No more xplus for me till next year
Flossies will be shipping out Godzilla 75 xplus Ric October 3rd. PREPARE FOR GLORY!!!!
Soooo manu people are gettin their Godzilla 75 xplus and I’m over here going COME ON FLOSSIESSSSS IM FEELING LONLEY!!!!
Jus saw this on the show Preacher.
David: Brilliant XD!
Ramón Bermúdez : India.... More like Saradia... >__>
I love this website. So if I add you it’s cuz this is a family and I gotta know all of my family members. #GfansStandUnited
X-plus is gonna make me go homeless with these new figures and reissues. Now all they need is to come out with a Godzilla Jr. figure and I’ll be done.
Jeremy Soles: Do what is best for you and your family. The figures will almost always be reissued or others will sell their figures.
MachineDebaser : Good thing I have no kids and no wife lol @jeremysoles
Used the depth effect on my camera. This is my favorite xplus figure.
Jeremy Soles: looks great
MachineDebaser : Thanks guys!
rob559: Nice photo, the orange & yellow really pop out.
MachineDebaser : @rob559 thanks man. I used the portrait mode from my phone. I mean it doesn’t show off the beauty of this figure
So happy this is gettin a re-issue. #xplus.
Jeremy Soles: Very luck! This is one of my favorites
MachineDebaser : Doesn't come out till next year though
Jeremy Soles: sweet!
MachineDebaser : Thank you dude!
Shin Godzilla Xplus (non ric)
Jeremy Soles: Nice
MachineDebaser : Thanks man! I like the other one better. Couldn't do kaiju in nature at 1am lol
Felipe Sanchez: One of the best!
MachineDebaser : 91 is very underrated in my opinion
Xplus Gabara. For the background I used the inside box from Godzilla 2014 Neca figure.
Felipe Sanchez: This Gabara will be mine one day!
MachineDebaser : It's a great figure. One of my favorites.
How come there has never been an. x-plus Godzilla Junior?!
Ramón Bermúdez : I feel like it will be done eventually. Lol
Too many theories are coming up for the next Legendary Godzilla films. People need to go fishing a learn patience.
David: Beyond Godzilla vs Kong I don't speculate much. All we know is Legendarys rights to use Godzilla expire after that movie. I'm just taking one movie at a time.
MachineDebaser : I wish everyone did that. I dunno if you've checked some of these videos but Im dumb enough to check them out even though I know they leave a horrible taste in my mouth
David: I consistently hear people speak of a "Destroy All Monsters" Legendary movie. It's mislead some fans to believe it's happening when it hasn't been confirmed. Usually people make those videos to gather attention and views. Whatever happens after 2020 will be in Tohos hands.
MachineDebaser : I have to wait for the 30cm 75 first
Jeremy Soles: It’s not the best price, but pretty fair for after market RIC. It’s sn amazing figure and one that was super rare.
MachineDebaser : I'll have to see how I feel after gettin 75 30cm and then mecha75
I will never understand the argument with people who like Legendarys Godzilla and Shin Godzilla. Y'all need to understand this is a FAMILY. #unitethecommunity
David: Indeed correct. People have to much conflict when it comes to Legendary and Shin. I'm just happy to see new movies in production after we waited so long after Final Wars.
Ramón Bermúdez : The issue with them is that they want what they have grown used to and moreover are afraid of change... Or... Deep down it could be very much peer related in regards to secretly liking them both, but afraid of their peers finding out. Heck, it could be any reason really and what ever the reason at this point. It matters not. We are in a Kaiju Renaissance and I honesty would not have it any other way.
Sam Magness: People just complain, it has nothing to with the subject.
MachineDebaser : All valid points right here. I think to myself though when did it become this?. There's such a huge divide in the community is pretty depressing. I loved both Godzilla 14 and shin Godzilla. Sure I felt there things done wrong in both movies but not every Godzilla movie is perfect. Kinda wanna kick these people in the mouth that start problems
Jeremy Soles: I agree with all of this besides kicking people in the mouth.
MachineDebaser : Or the gabara hands of justice?
Jeremy Soles: Sure why not
Jeremy Soles: That is a great shot! I missed out on this figure.
MachineDebaser : Flossies still has it buddy
Jeremy Soles: So am I! It’s a dream come true to get this figure.
Jeremy Soles: So am I! It’s a dream come true to get this figure.
Sam Magness: I'm too poor for these amazing figures!
MachineDebaser : @radaikaiju check on flossies. That's where I get my figures and they have them at great prices
MachineDebaser : @summitkaiju do you the release date for the 75?
Sam Magness: 2 kids make my purchases fairly limited, Monsterarts were the best bang for the buck considering what I do!
MachineDebaser : @radaikaiju on flossies you will be paying pretty much the same amount. Plus the amount you pay for xplus the details are on point. They jus had a sale and certain figures were going for 119
Jeremy Soles: YES!
MachineDebaser : All because of you man!
Jeremy Soles: Keep up the great work then! Nature is the best