Mechagodzilla tree drawing. This took a while, but I am happy with how it turned out.
Jeremy Soles: I want this one so bad
King Caesar ink drawing. I referenced the X-plus figure for this.
Jeremy Soles: I love King Caesar!
Giuseppe Bianco: Thanks, Jeremy.
Biollante tree drawing I did for a series of Kaiju nature drawings I've been working on. #Biollante #Godzilla
Jeremy Soles: so cool
Here is a King Ghidorah sketch I did a while back.
Here is a Kaiser Ghidorah I drew a few months ago.
Added colors in Photoshop to my inking that I had scanned in. Wanted to play with Fall colors.
Jeremy Soles: love it!
Giuseppe Bianco: Thanks, Jeremy.
This figure got away from me, but I was finally able to get my hands on it, thanks to a fellow collector.
Jeremy Soles: This is one of my favorite figures!
Showa Mecha G. drawing a did a few months ago.
Jeremy Soles: I love it!
Giuseppe Bianco: Thanks!